Month: April 2012

Android Rounded Corner Image Bitmap Example

In this example. I ll show you how to make image rounded corner. I have used the android canvas and paint to make android image rounded corner. I hope you already know about the canvas and paint. for more detail about the canvas and paint check the links as below. Android Canvas Android Paint Code :   View the code on Gist. Download...

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Android Post Ticker Social App

This application will never allow you to kept yourself aloof from greeting dearones on life events such as Birthday, Christmas, Anniversaries, Marriages or miss any occasional event happening in and around your area and an other offical events such as meetings.  You can create any event of any sort and time it to perfection to trigger at right time to get it posted on facebook or twitter.  Check your friends comming birthdays  Add quote from the web services. What you have to do is to just create an event and configure it to trigger on particular date. Even if...

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