Causes that Lead to Mobile App Failures and how failure credit goes to Mobile app Team


Today I am going to share with you Causes that Lead to Mobile App Failures and How Failure Credit Goes To Mobile App Team. this post will be very helpful for startup’s or if you have already web development/IT business and you are planning to start mobile app business or planing to convert your idea to Mobile app then I will give you some powerful tips to avoid mobile app failure.

Do you think that you are managing team well..?
Do you think that you are taking care of whole teammate instead of individuals who are playing politics with team…?
Do you think that app failure or app delay is totally fault of app team…?

If you are not aware of followings things I think you should quit your JOB and go for holidays …… 🙂

1. When you are going to hire non-exp Team player.


If you are going to hire Team Player. He/she should have experience in Team Management . If you have data entry or non IT exp person in your office then you ask him/her to manage a project then your app is going to fail soon. Why let me discuss with you how

Handling too many client requests without extra charges and Boss or CTO doesn’t know about it

When your Team player is dealing with client amendments without notify to him/her Boss or CTO then be careful your client project “ball” will become  “football” and you are losing money here and time also. If app mock up was already approved by client and later client asking for some new amendments you should charge to client otherwise client will ask you so many changes every day why? because your Team player is doing it free 🙂

Bugs issue

When you are going to develop mobile/web app or any programming code bugs are normal. But your Team Player doesn’t know about bugs he/she thought that developer did too many mistakes and become angry with you why? because he/she is data entry or non IT exp person

Mobile device issue

Do you think that your mobile team and your client using the same mobile devices for testing…? 
My answer is NO!

Let me explain you what is issue you are going to face soon.

I know that your mobile team will have limited devices for testing and Your team player is going to blaming developers why..?
Let me share you the example.

Assume that Your team is using A,B and C device for developing and testing and Your client have X,Y and Z devices for testing now your app is working fine on A,B and C devices and what about X,Y, and Z there’s crashes and issues what the _uck is that because your team haven’t tested your apps on X,Y and Z devices. must use the same devices for testing or use on line testing services for mobile app development to minimize the issues.

2. Separate API developer


If you already have web development team and you are asking them to work on API then you are loosing time here why? Web developer will always busy with web stuff. When mobile developer ask him/her for stuff related to API then he/she will not come back to you immediately with your problem why? because first he/she will finish issue related to web development then will look on issue related to API. So my suggestion is should have separate API developer to save time.

API Documentation

It’s very funny when API developer write documentation on Word or Google Docs do you think it is professional…?
Must use some professional tools or services for API documentation there are many open source tools and services available for it

API documentation will be very helpful to mobile app developer if it’s updated every day. If API developer add new things or changed anything in API then app developer will save time. why? Let me give you example

You are going to develop app for both iPhone and Android right..? You have started with iPhone development first and iPhone developer every day read the documentation and will do it stuff. If there is any issue with API. iPhone developer will ask API developer to do some changes and API developer will do that and Sometimes API developer will not update API documentation and later when Android developer start working on the same project he/she will look on to API documentation but wait…. he/she is also getting the same issue that happened with iPhone developer but the API developer didn’t update API documentation. Now Android developer will ask API developer I am facing blah… blah.. issue then API developer will ask I have solved that issue you can ask to iPhone developer. If he/she solved why it’s not there in API Documentation why should I ask to iPhone developer.

3. VISUAL Designer


is your visual designer have experience in designing mobile user interface…? Some cases answer will be “NO

Let me brief you another issue

He/She only have experience in web design stuff

Your visual designer is going to do mobile stuff first time. He/She will think about Mobile UI same as Web responsive UI. He/She should have exp in Mobile UI guidelines. If don’t have then ask him/her to check the UI guidelines or should intract with mobile team. then start working on UI things

Handover PSD or Illustrator file to developer instead if extracted png and jpg files without sharing on cloud

Do you think that app developer know how to use Adobe illustrator or Photoshop… ?
For my case i say I know it and i did it UI mock up and API development stuff individually but what about other developers ..?

They will lose time because they don’t have any exp they aren’t visual designers. If your designer handover psd file this is not good for them. Designer should extract as a png files and should share on cloud server so both iPhone and Android developers will have access to use that files why? let me share you how

As I previous discussed I assumed that you have started with iPhone development first and later you are starting to work on Android development and Android developer now need images or icons he/she will ask for visual designer then visual designer will give him/her PSD or AI file but developer is not familiar with AI and PSD file how he/she will extract that images and icon from PSD or Ai file and now he/she will ask iPhone developer for images and icons which is not a good idea. must share extract resource on cloud so both developers will use the shared resources.

4. Some fellow think that web development and mobile development is same


If you are comparing apple with orange I think you should open fruit shop LOL. Some of fellow think that web development and mobile development is same. here are my questions to you

How many web browser available in market..?
My answer is 10 to 20

How many mobile devices available in market ..?
My answer is millions

How many of you think that process states of web and mobile is same.
My answer is total different.

Team Player says that Web page took 1 day to complete why mobile 3 days ohhhhh my god help me here to understand them……

5. Skipping projects without finishing old one


One of biggest failure is skip ongoing projects and starts working on another projects and continuously repeating this procedure. Your are mixing all the projects together here and I am sure each of your project is not going to be completed soon and You are going to kick out your mobile app team soon….

Some of excuses are

We didn’t get funds for this mobile app we are stop developing this app which is uncompleted then why you are blaming your mobile team that’s your fault not your team

6. Individual meeting with teammate.


Do you arrange meeting individually with teammate..?

If no! Then arrange meeting with team once a week or month and ask them do you face any issues or problems. This is to make balance between team environment.

You are only Dependant to Team Player what he/she said it is OK to you.

7. Involve in TEAm Player conversion with developers.


Do you involve Team Player conversion with developer on Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram whatever tools you are using…?
My answer is you are not enrolling.

let me share with you.

Some time developers even work when they are on leave but you are not aware of that Team Player ping them and expected positive response from developer but but but when you ping to Team Player when he/she is on leave taking selfie in Australia, Japan, Russia etc He/she even don’t like to open your Whatsapp messages or whatever service you are using

8. Leaves issue


I forget this when Team Player taking leaves you think that is OK woowww Team Player is taking selfie in Australia, Japan, Russia etc don’t ignore your developer they also deserve to take leave if you think that kick out developer after taking leaves you must also throw out your Team player too.


If you are not aware of above things don’t start developing mobile apps. Open fruit shop and enjoy LOL