Design Mobile App UI Using Adobe Fireworks


Hi Guys This is my first screen cast tutorial of Adobe Fireworks. I searched lots of stuff  related to Fireworks in Google but I didn’t find the stuff that related to Mobile User Interface Development. So I decided to share my experience of Adobe Fireworks with you. In this tutorial I will show you how to design the Android Mobile App User Interface Using Adobe Fireworks. You can download the Fireworks from the Adobe Web page. In this tutorial I used the Fireworks CS5. You can also download the android UI stencil kit for Fireworks and PhotoShop from android developer web site. The Theme of the Mobile UI is Restaurant App.

Screen Cast Video

Final Output File: Press Right click and save as to download this file

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4 Responses

  1. Brandon Nolte

    10/28/2012, 01:51 am

    Hi Munish,

    I was looking up an answer to this question and I came across your blog. Do you know how hard it would be to change the viewpager to a different color other than the default holo blue?

    My developer is telling me that this would take a long time to do, but since I am not a developer I have no idea. I just wanted to get someone else’s opinion.

    I see that it’s possible because Google does it in several apps (YouTube is red for example). I actually wanted to change mine to the green – like yours is.


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